17 Daily Habits of People Who Never Get Acne

How to Prevent AcnePhoto Credit: Shutterstock

They wash their hair regularly

All of the natural oils produced by our scalps to protect the hair can also clog pores on the face and lead to acne, Dr. Lain says. “Washing hair helps remove the excess oil on the scalp and hair, which minimizes the oil at the hair line and forehead.” But avoid heavy, oily hair-care products during styling, Dr. Zeichner warns. “Touching the skin on the forehead may block pores and lead to pimples.” Make sure you know how to pick the right shampoo for you.

How to Prevent AcnePhoto Credit: Shutterstock

They switch to almond milk

People who don’t drink cow’s milk are less likely to get acne, says Joel Schlessinger MD, FAAD, FAACS, a dermatologist in Omaha, Nebraska. The reason: Hormones. “Milk contains hormones both from cows and from added hormones for greater milk production,” he says, “and even if milk is ‘hormone free,’ there are still natural hormones from the cows and these make acne go out of control.” (The same may be said of protein powder made from whey, a dairy product.)

And studies suggest skim milk may be an even worse complexion offender. The exact reason for this is not 100 percent clear, but it’s possible that skim milk is devoid of the good-for-your-skin fatty acids found in whole milk. Instead, try almond milk. “Almond milk contains all of the great vitamins and calcium we need, but without any of the hormones,” Dr. Schlesinger says. For an on-the-go breakfast that’s time-saving, try this Almond, Date and Espresso Shake.

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