3 The Handmaid's Tale Themes to Analyze in Your Essay

You’ve simply completed studying The Handmaid’s Tale. You realize the plot from side to side. You realize all about chemical spills, the oppression of ladies, declining fertility charges, and the tale of a Handmaid (Offred) and her lifestyles in a totalitarian society.

The downside? You haven’t moderately discovered what all of it approach.

When you’re suffering to perceive The Handmaid’s Tale issues, stay studying to be informed extra about 3 key issues to analyze in your essay. (I’ve additionally integrated essay concepts to permit you to get began together with your research and a couple of instance essays to lend a hand encourage your writing.)

3 Key The Handmaid’s Tale Themes

As you imagine The Handmaid’s Tale issues integrated in this checklist, stay in thoughts theme is other than the plot.

The plot is what occurs in the tale. On this case, the plot revolves across the story of a Handmaid named Offred.

A theme is an underlying which means (or message) of the tale. On this case, The Handmaid’s Tale issues come with the risks of complacency, freedom (or lack thereof), and gear in a dystopian society.

the handmaid's tale themes

Theme #1: Risks of complacency

Other folks (particularly girls) who reside in Gilead have observed their freedoms, together with schooling and intimacy, stripped away in their now-totalitarian society. Girls are not identified through their very own names, however as titles that replicate their roles in society (Handmaids, Other halves, or Marthas).

But although freedom has all however vanished, many merely do as they’re informed. So long as they obtain some concessions, one thing tangible that they see as a receive advantages, they’re glad.

Necessarily, they turn out to be complacent, and this has allowed more and more freedom to be taken away.

The Guardians of the Religion and The Eyes are top examples. They’ve little keep watch over over their very own lives, however they’re necessarily spies staring at over others. As a result of they’ve this apparently small quantity of keep watch over, they’re extra prepared to settle for their roles and the foundations of society.

Their complacency continues so long as they’re given some quantity of keep watch over (over one thing or somebody). Other folks turn out to be so accustomed to their lives that they don’t at all times see the actual risks of dwelling in a society in which they’re underneath whole keep watch over of the federal government.

the handmaid's tale themesEssay thought:

Attach the theme of complacency to present political and social debates.

Many of us these days concern about freedoms being stripped away. Believe connecting The Handmaid’s Tale to present discussions of gun keep watch over, abortion, or freedom of speech.

Essay instance

In search of additional inspiration? Take a look at this situation essay that connects The Handmaid’s Tale to present society.

Theme #2: Freedom (or lack thereof)

the handmaid's tale themes

The Handmaid’s Tale takes position in a society now referred to as Gilead. It’s a dystopian society the place freedom is just about non-existent.

Gilead, regardless that, is the new identify of the society. It used to be referred to as the USA.

Many voters in Gilead nonetheless consider what lifestyles was once like in the USA sooner than the insurrection. The narrator, Offred, for example, steadily thinks again to her misplaced freedom, her separation from her circle of relatives, and her incapacity to proceed any type of schooling.

In Gilead, each women and men are repressed sexually. They’ve no freedom to make a selection their very own sexual companions or revel in intimacy. Schooling may be prohibited. Finally, holding other people uneducated implies that the totalitarian govt can deal with keep watch over over society.

As in many dystopian novels, maximum electorate of Gilead are content material to settle for their new lives and loss of freedoms. However there are some, similar to Moira, who by no means settle for the lack of freedom and proceed preventing for independence.

the handmaid's tale themesEssay thought:

Read about how The Handmaid’s Tale suits into the dystopian style and compares to different dystopian novels.

Oppression and loss of freedom is a not unusual theme in dystopian novels. Believe inspecting how the theme of freedom in The Handmaid’s Tale suits into the dystopian style.

You may additionally write a comparability and distinction essay to examine the theme of freedom in The Handmaid’s Tale to different dystopian novels, similar to 1984 or Fahrenheit 451.

the handmaid's tale themesEssay thought:

Talk about how the unconventional The Handmaid’s Tale is identical to or other from different diversifications.

The Handmaid’s Tale was once made into a movie in 1990 and extra not too long ago tailored as a tv sequence in 2017. You could examine the movie and tv variations. On the other hand, that you must examine one or each video diversifications to the unique novel.

Essay instance

Need to learn an instance essay about oppression and loss of freedom in The Handmaid’s Tale? Check out The Oppression of Males and Girls in The Handmaid’s Tale, a Science Fiction Novel through Margaret Atwood.

Theme #3: Energy

the handmaid's tale themes
“Bateman’s Row, Large Brother Is Looking at You” through James, Flickr.com (CC BY 2.zero)

The govt of Gilead exerts general keep watch over over its other people. Thru drive and violence, the federal government acquired energy. It makes use of the similar drive and intimidation to deal with energy.

The govt engages in battle with surrounding international locations and makes use of the similar violence by itself electorate. Public hangings function torture to sufferers and as ominous warnings to others who might imagine breaking rules.

Below totalitarian rule, other people now not best lose their identities and freedoms, but additionally should observe strict laws in public relating to how they discuss to every different.

Electorate, for example, are watched through army group of workers and spies, referred to as Eyes. Handmaids are even saved in consistent concern through the Aunts, who’ve the facility to abuse and torture Handmaids.

The govt frequently makes use of this stage of intimidation and violence to stay other people scared of penalties and thus subservient to the ones in energy.

the handmaid's tale themesEssay thought:

Examine Gilead to a number of governments in historical past.


Read about the upward push of authoritarian governments right through historical past, similar to communism in China or the upward push of Nazism in Germany. Believe the strategies utilized by the federal government to download energy and deal with keep watch over over its electorate. Does the federal government of Gilead use any of the similar tactics?

Essay instance

in studying an instance essay in regards to the theme of energy in The Handmaid’s Tale? Take a look at Energy and Keep watch over in the Republic of Gilead in The Handmaid’s Tale, a Novel through Margaret Atwood.

Misplaced in Concept?

the handmaid's tale themes

Once in a while writing approach you’re merely caught.

You may have a couple of obscure concepts to your paper on The Handmaid’s Tale issues however have a large case of creator’s block and easily can’t put pen to paper (or arms to keyboard). When you’re feeling that method now, take a look at those four confirmed tactics to triumph over creator’s block.

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When you’re in want of a bit extra lend a hand with essay writing, use those further assets to permit you to get began:

And naturally, now and again writing approach you might have a finished draft of paper this is meant to analyze a theme however you aren’t positive whether or not you’re merely rehashing the plot or writing a considerate research.

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