3 Ways to Approach Your Heart of Darkness Essay

Maximum of us can relate to movie, tv, or literary characters. Many of us are like Marvel Lady–skilled, a success, and heroic suddenly. Others are mild-mannered newshounds (or different pros) by way of day and prefer Superman by way of evening, saving the planet from evil.

In case you’ve simply completed studying Heart of Darkness, regardless that, it may well be beautiful darn onerous to really feel a reference to imperialists or cannibals.

However even though you don’t have a lot in commonplace with those characters and are suffering to write concerning the novella, chances are you’ll indubitably really feel like Marlow. You’re crusing thru uncharted territory, misplaced in a sea of fog, and making an attempt to in finding your means during the darkness of essay writing.

If that’s the case, I’m right here to assist transparent the fog and provide you with 3 ways to means your Heart of Darkness essay.

heart of darkness essay

A Fast Literary Research Assessment

In case you’re writing an essay about any piece of literature, chances are high that your prof doesn’t need you to merely summarize the plot. In the end, that’s why it’s known as literary research and no longer literary abstract.

Thus, after you’ve learn and brought notes on no matter it’s you’re examining, check out to work out what the whole thing method and the way it all suits in combination.

In different phrases, glance previous the plot and establish the underlying which means.

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Now that you just’ve refreshed your reminiscence at the fundamentals of literary research, let’s get down to the industry of examining the novella in order that you’re in a position to take on your Heart of Darkness essay.

3 Ways to Approach Your Heart of Darkness Essay

heart of darkness essay

There’s so much occurring on this tale, so there’s completely no means I will be able to duvet each sort of literary research paper chances are you’ll write about Heart of Darkness. I’m, then again, going to speak about 3 methods to will let you write a cast literary research.

Level of view

In instructional writing, you’re incessantly instructed to steer clear of the usage of first user level of view, however literature makes use of first user always. Narrators inform their tales and hope to intrigue the target audience during the unbelievable stories they spin.

Heart of Darkness makes use of two other first-person narrators. The novella starts and ends with narration from an unnamed traveler who sits and listens (along side 4 different passengers) to Marlow’s story. (This user narrates the usage of the first-person pronoun “we.”)

This narration frames the tale as readers pay attention the traveler’s voice simplest in the beginning and finish of the novella. That implies the majority of narration comes from Marlow. Marlow tells his superb story to the traveler and, of direction, to readers the usage of the 1st user “I.”


Why does Conrad use this framing method as narration, relatively than one conventional first-person narrator? How does the use of a 2nd unnamed narrator exchange readers’ interpretations of Marlow’s tale?

Framing permits the reader to see two other views of the tale, two other issues of view about issues reminiscent of imperialism, and two other interpretations of characters.

Believe, as an example, how the use of two other narrators permits readers to be informed extra about Marlow, his movements, his emotions, and his personality.

Dependable or unreliable narrator

Is Marlow a competent narrator? What proof is there to end up that his tale is actual?

Take into accounts tales you’ve heard your pals inform. I wager that on multiple instance they’ve decorated a couple of main points right here and there. Is Marlow doing the similar factor?

In case you’re writing about whether or not Marlow is dependable, search for any inconsistencies in his tale or for puts when the unnamed narrator feedback on Marlow’s story. This may provide you with hints as to puts the place the tale might be decorated or just made up.

Believe, additionally, the circumstances the place Marlow turns out at a loss for words or infrequently forgets his tale. Is he suffering to take into account the tale itself, or is he making an attempt to take into account what lies he’s already instructed?

You may also query whether or not the unnamed traveler is dependable. In the end, he’s telling the story as he recalls it. Has he forgotten data? Has he made up tales or decorated the story by any means?

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heart of darkness essay


In literature, a logo is one thing (reminiscent of a personality, object, or position) that represents one thing else. For example, if a poem accommodates doves, the ones doves may signify peace.

There’s a ton of symbolism in Heart of Darkness, and regardless that I haven’t integrated each image from the novella, listed here are two you may want to write about.


Marlow travels thru dense fog on his adventure up the Congo. The fog is greater than only a nuisance. Believe how fog can turn out to be a barrier, the way it makes it tricky to see, and the way the whole thing turns out to slip into the shadows within the fog.

Fog may signify the uncertainty of Marlow’s adventure and of his quest to in finding Kurtz. Fog may additionally signify Marlow’s psychological state and his confusion about his travels.


When examining a personality, read about the nature’s persona, career, acquaintances, and of direction, movements.

Kurtz is grasping and overbearing. His objective is to achieve success within the ivory business, and he we could not anything forestall him. He makes buddies (and enemies) with the local Africans. They view him as God-like in many ways, however he additionally raids villages and in the end falls into insanity.

Thus, Kurtz may well be noticed as a logo of a false God as a result of of his willingness to merely overpower the ones whom he regulations.

He may additionally signify company greed and obsession with domination, wealth and gear apparently his simplest objectives.

To learn an instance essay about symbolism in Heart of Darkness, check out A Literary Research of the Symbolism in Heart of Darkness by way of Joseph Conrad.


heart of darkness essay


The theme of a work of literature is the underlying which means of the paintings. The topic is what the piece of literature is about. Don’t confuse theme with matter.

As an example, a poem may well be about a fish making an attempt to break out a fisherman. The matter of the poem is a fish making an attempt to break out. The theme of the poem, then again, may well be guy vs. nature or the fragility of the surroundings.

In case you’re writing concerning the subject matters on your Heart of Darkness essay, chances are you’ll write about just right vs. evil or hypocrisy.

Excellent vs. evil

Photographs of mild and darkish abound on this novella, with mild incessantly symbolizing just right and darkness symbolizing evil. The name even comprises the picture of darkness in a single’s self.

Marlow seems to need to do the correct factor. However he’s unsure of his trail and struggles to make the correct selections in an international the place just right and evil don’t appear that lower and dry.

Kurtz needs to achieve success, and his ambitions would possibly make him, to start with, appear extra just right than evil. It’s briefly published, then again, that his objectives aren’t so admirable as he’s keen to forestall at not anything to download them.


The novella specializes in imperialism and the Europeans’ need to “civilize” the Africans and, on the identical time, convey further energy and wealth to Europe. The effects aren’t precisely what the Europeans was hoping for.

Believe that no person truly wins in imperialism, and that’s precisely the purpose that Conrad is making. The natives face brutality and destruction. And whilst Europeans appear to reach their objective, they declare they’re fascinated by an ivory “business,” nevertheless it truly simply quantities to robbery.

Kurtz is much less hypocritical about his involvement and openly states that his objective is to exterminate. His honesty threatens to disclose the real intentions of the corporate and the hypocrisy of imperialism.

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The Ultimate Vacation spot

heart of darkness essay

On the finish of your voyage, you’ve confidently discovered the easiest means to your Heart of Darkness essay. If, then again, you simply can’t get into writing about level of view, symbolism, or theme, assessment those two posts for added concepts:

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