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Drawing on my tremendous command of the English language, I stated not anything

-Robert Benchley


Fun Facts About English Language

As English language running shoes, we get so stuck up in our day-to-day hustle bustle of ‘used to be’ and ‘is’, and a number of alternative grammar laws, that seldom will we get a possibility to live on different sides of the language.

Lately, we got here throughout some slightly attention-grabbing data, and made up our minds to seek for some ‘Fun info about English language’.

Curious a lot? Learn on to understand what we discovered:

The Little Tittle

The alphabets ‘i’ and ‘j’ are incomplete with out the dot on best, and whilst we’ve at all times referred to it because the little dot, grammarians have coined a reputation for it – the Tittle. The Tittle used to be in the beginning a bigger mark, first showing in Latin manuscripts, however used to be shortened when Roman-style typefaces have been offered.

Of Pangrams and Ghost Phrases

You’ll have come throughout this sentence – ‘the fast brown fox jumps over the lazy canine‘. However have you learnt what makes it so particular? It makes use of all 26 alphabets, and is known as a pangram.

Ghost phrases are those who phrases that got here into life because of printing mistakes, and live on in positive dictionaries. ‘Dord’ is an instance of this anomaly.

What’s the fuss about S and E?

This is a straightforward one. E is the most typical letter utilized in English, and S is probably the most broadly used alphabet. Extra phrases start with S than every other letter of the alphabet. She sells sea shells….Hmm, now I am getting it!

Selfie, YOLO, and Tech-savvy

Those have been one of the crucial mainstream phrases which have been added to the Oxford dictionary a couple of years in the past. Roughly one new phrase is added to the English language each and every two hours and round four,000 phrases are added to the English dictionary once a year. Able to sweep up your vocabulary?

The words- Set, Time, and Pronunciation

The phrase set has the very best choice of definitions indexed within the dictionary. Time is probably the most repeatedly used noun, and pronunciation is probably the most mispronounced phrase.

And the bonus truth –

Mochas are named after a port in Yemen, from the place espresso used to be exported to Europe within the 18th century.

On that word, take a espresso smash whilst you contemplate those amusing info about English Language!


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