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When you’re used to texting, you may no longer assume that such things as spelling, capitalization, or punctuation even topic, however …

simply believe ur studying a whole information article textbook or perhaps a weblog publish with out a capitalization and no punctuation it could be truly onerous to inform the place one concept ended and it could be greater than a little bit anxious proper

Now take into accounts how pissed off your professor could be if he had to learn an essay stuffed with all varieties of grammar and punctuation mistakes like the ones within the paragraph above. I’m guessing he’d get started marking up your paper in a rage (as a result of you already know he has a brand spanking new crimson pen, and he’s no longer afraid to use it). In the long run, he’d most likely simply surrender and write in giant, daring crimson letters: “SEE ME!

While you learn a remark like that, you comprehend it’s critical, and also you’re most likely pondering, “That is gonna kill my grade.” Worse but, you’re most likely in a panic as a result of deep down you’re additionally pondering, “My oldsters are gonna kill me if I fail this magnificence.”

Punctuation is critical stuff, so if you wish to have to save your grade (and most likely your lifestyles), stay studying to learn the way to steer clear of those 5 punctuation mistakes.

5 Punctuation Rules You Need to Know

punctuation rules

I’m guessing there are about one million laws for punctuation (give or take a couple of), so there’s no imaginable means I will quilt they all right here. As a substitute, I’m going to center of attention on 5 punctuation laws that incessantly confuse other folks.

FYI: A couple of of those also are professor puppy peeves, so it’s a good suggestion to grasp them so as to steer clear of seeing crimson the following time you get your paper again.

Rule #1: Use a colon to introduce an inventory of things

Like with maximum punctuation marks, there are a number of alternative ways to accurately use a colon, however so as to observe this explicit rule, you wish to have to do two issues:

  1. Come with an entire sentence sooner than the colon.
  2. Come with an inventory of similar pieces following the colon.


After I hike, I all the time elevate the next 3 pieces in my backpack: sunscreen, water, and snacks.

This case makes use of the word “the next 3 pieces” to accurately introduce the record. (When you’d like to see some other instance, check out the sentence simply sooner than the instance. It makes use of a colon to introduce the principles for the usage of a colon.)

Use a colon simplest in case you’re growing an inventory as within the examples above. When you incorporate the record of things into the true sentence, you would no longer use a colon.


After I hike, I all the time elevate sunscreen, water, and snacks in my backpack.

Rule #2: Use a semicolon to separate two similar entire sentences

A semicolon is a duration stacked on best of a comma. It creates a pause a little bit longer than a comma however no longer somewhat so long as a duration. (Most likely that’s why it’s each a comma and a duration blended?)

One of the vital extra commonplace sentence-level mistakes (this is certainly a professor puppy peeve) is incorrectly the usage of a semicolon to sign up for concepts.

Right here’s an instance of an unsuitable use of a semicolon:

We hiked a number of trails the day gone by; and have been long past for over 4 hours.

Even though the theory sooner than the semicolon is an entire sentence, the tips that follows the semicolon isn’t. It’s a sentence fragment as it’s lacking an issue.

Right here’s an instance of the proper use of a semicolon:

We hiked a number of trails the day gone by; we have been long past for over 4 hours.

The instance above accurately makes use of a semicolon for the reason that concepts each sooner than and after the semicolon are entire sentences.

punctuation rules

If you’ve mastered the rule of thumb of becoming a member of two entire sentences with a semicolon, transfer on to the following a part of the rule of thumb: the truth that the 2 sentences should be similar.

In different phrases, don’t write one thing like this:

We hiked a number of trails the day gone by; subsequent yr we plan to holiday in Alaska.

Whilst those sentences would possibly be similar since you went climbing to your holiday and also you’re speaking about holiday plans subsequent yr, they aren’t shut sufficient in content material to use a semicolon.

Rule #three: By no means make phrases plural via including an apostrophe

Consider once I stated previous that punctuation is critical stuff? I imply it! Punctuation can exchange your lifestyles perpetually. As proof, I provide the signal under.

punctuation rules
“Deficient grammar” via Lyndi and Jason, Flickr.com (CC BY-SA 2.zero)

This signal incorrectly makes use of an apostrophe to make the phrase “tattoo” plural.

By no means, ever use an apostrophe to make a phrase plural. By no means.

Let’s take into accounts this for a minute. It sort of feels that the house owners of this tattoo store don’t know the way to correctly use punctuation.

That suggests in case you get a tattoo with any wording on it, you want to rather well finally end up with a misspelled phrase or mistaken punctuation, making you the butt of jokes (or the topic of unhealthy tattoo picture galleries) and converting your lifestyles perpetually. (See how essential correct punctuation is?)

So have in mind: don’t use apostrophes to make phrases plural.

When precisely do you employ an apostrophe?

Apostrophes are typically used to display ownership, equivalent to, “Ian’s tattoo used to be a masterful piece of paintings.” They’re extensively utilized to create contractions, equivalent to “don’t” to exchange “don’t” or “shouldn’t” to exchange “will have to no longer.”

Rule #four: By no means sign up for two entire sentences with a comma

Incorrectly becoming a member of two entire sentences with a comma leads to a comma splice, and it’s indisputably a big puppy peeve of a large number of profs.

Fallacious use of comma to sign up for sentences (comma splice):

I’m going to get a tattoo the following day, I’m hoping I love the completed design.

Even though those two sentences are similar, you’ll be able to’t merely upload a comma to sign up for them. As a substitute, you’ll want to attach them the usage of one in all 4 applicable methods.

Listed below are 4 elementary methods (with examples) you’ll be able to use to proper a comma splice.

  • Sign up for two sentences with semicolon (see Rule #2 above):

I’m going to get a tattoo the following day; I’m hoping I love the completed design.

  • Sign up for two sentences with a duration:

I’m going to get a tattoo the following day. I’m hoping I love the completed design.

When I am getting my tattoo the following day, I’m hoping I love the completed design.

I’m going to get a tattoo the following day, so I’m hoping I love the completed design.

Rule #5: Activate an instantaneous cope with with a comma

Each time you immediately cope with any person, you wish to have to be aware it via use of a comma.

Right here’s an instance:

“Excuse me, sir, are you aware the time?”

This rule might sound easy sufficient, but it surely’s some other a kind of doubtlessly life-saving punctuation laws.

What? You nonetheless don’t consider punctuation has that a lot energy? Take a look at those two sentences.

Instance sentence #1:

“Let’s consume, Grandma!”

Right here, a circle of relatives member is fortunately asking Grandma to sign up for them for dinner. This sentence accurately makes use of a comma when immediately addressing Grandma.

Instance sentence #2:

“Let’s consume Grandma!”

Right here, a circle of relatives member is so hungry that he’s suggesting they if truth be told consume Grandma for dinner.

The lacking comma within the direct cope with adjustments the complete which means of the sentence.

punctuation rules

However don’t assume that is an remoted example of punctuation saving lives. Believe strolling on a trail and seeing an indication that reads:

Hunters Use Warning When Capturing

Walkers on Trail

Yikes! I’m positive that hunters aren’t truly looking pedestrians, however with out correct punctuation, that’s indisputably what the signal is suggesting.

(For the file, there will have to be a comma after “hunters”—on account of that direct cope with rule above—plus classes after “taking pictures” and “trail.”)

See? Punctuation saves lives! It may possibly save your grade too, so make sure that to observe the principles.

A Little Writing First Help

punctuation rules

Now that you just’ve mastered those 5 punctuation laws, you will be wondering whether or not you’ve been following different essential punctuation and grammar laws.

Whilst it’s k to occasionally forget about different writing laws, punctuation isn’t a kind of occasions. When you’d like to brush up on a couple of extra fundamentals, learn those articles:

Need to see punctuation in motion? Take a look at those instance downside/resolution essays in our database. Take a look at your self to see in case you spot any of the principles getting used accurately (or incorrectly) within the instance essays.

Nonetheless suffering with punctuation laws and really feel that your paper is on lifestyles make stronger? Rush your draft to the Kibin modifying group for a little bit writing first assist.

They’ll no longer simplest catch your punctuation mistakes, however they are able to assist with grammar, spelling, phrase selection, readability, and extra.

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