How to change mailing address

How To Change Mailing Address Easily

How to Change Mailing Address


As we know that the USPS offers different services for their users so they can easily send and receive their mails. One of the great service is changing mailing address. One can suffer a lot if he can’t inform USPS about new mailing address his/her mails goes directly to old address and this thing happened with most of the people. So here we provide the solution how you can get rid of this situation if you stuck in it.

Change of mailing address may be of two type

  1. Change mailing address permanently.
  2. Change mailing address temporarily.

Change the mailing Address with Postal Services:

If someone wants to change the mailing address and he don’t know how to change mailing address (Cupertino post office). He must inform the post office in order to get the mail at new address. By using two ways you can change the mailing address.

  1. Change mailing address online.
  2. Go to post office and fill address change form and submit it.

Change mailing Address online:

  • To change mailing address online go to com Website.
  • You get an email confirmation and you have done it.
  • You have to spend 1$ to change mailing address. You must have credit card or debit card. In order to change the mailing address. This will provide the proof or identity to prevent fraud or any other issue related to scam.

How to change mailing address

Important note:

Beware from Scammers the change address fee is 1$ remember that. Scammers use company names or something like that and charge 40$ for just changing mailing address so beware form Scammers.

Change mailing Address by filling form:

In order to change mailing address you have to go local post office and get a form of change mailing address form or get by name PS form 3575. Fill the form carefully and provide the details carefully like address, names phone number etc. after that submit the form carefully. After this process you will get a confirmation letter at your new address within five days.

You may change address temporally by contact with local post office. A list of local post office by state is available.

You may hold your mail for short period of time to your local post office this service is mostly used when people is on vacations to avail this service you must have to know the local post office services. In some areas this Mail Hold service isn’t available you have to confirm 1st in order to avail this service.

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