Natural Deodorant Reviews: Which Ones Pass Our Sweat Test?

We put these natural deodorant brands through some of Toronto’s sweatiest workouts. Read on to find out which ones passed our sweat-test.

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Rocky Mountain Soap Company Natural Deodorant

I’m not going to lie, at first glance, the packaging reminded me of something I used in the early 2000s when I was first inducted into the wonderful world of underarm fragrance. But once I took the cap off, I remembered just how easy and effective using a roller application was. This deodorant is liquid though, so I was intrigued to see how long it would take to dry after applying to my underarms. I gave it a couple of minutes to fully sink in, and much to my surprise, it was fully dry with no stickiness or chalky residue.

The Workout: I wore this to BOLO, a fitness studio that recently launched its official location in Toronto’s downtown core. I was put through a HIIT class that involved weight lifting, calisthenics, and explosive athletic conditioning, as well as a 15 minute core workout in their hot room.

Sniff Test: This deodorant ended up being quite the success after being put through a hot room where I — quite literally — felt as if I was bathing in my own sweat. But after a quick scan, I found that even though my armpits were soaking wet, the tea tree scent faintly remained. (Love tea tree oil? Here are 12 extraordinary beauty uses.) – Alyssa Ball, assistant digital editor

Please note that I had been using this natural deodorant for three weeks prior to testing it during this workout.

Liquid Crystal Natural Deodorant in Tea Tree, $9.50 at

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