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Use of words in the English language is an excessively fascinating and every now and then a hilarious affair. As Indians, we adore to translate all the sentence, phrase to phrase, from Hindi to English; due to this fact every so often it turns into moderately hilarious. Right here’s a have a look at some of essentially the most often used words in English which can be wrong.


“What’s your excellent title?”

There is not any excellent or unhealthy title. A reputation is only a title. So, as an alternative of asking an individual’s “excellent title” what we will ask as an alternative is “Might I do know your title? or Might I take your title?”. It sounds well mannered and is the right kind method of realizing somebody’s title.

“The place do you place up?”

Will we put down additionally!! Smartly! There’s a right kind option to ask the place the individual lives. You’ll be able to merely ask “The place do you are living or the place do you live?”

“Kindly revert again”

Some other often used word is “Kindly revert again”. Revert itself way to respond again so we needn’t upload an extra again with revert.

“Speak about About”

Subsequent comes the standard “talk about about”. Now, you are going to ask what’s fallacious with this word. Smartly! Speak about way to speak about issues. Due to this fact, we once more needn’t upload an additional about to it.

“As of late Itself”

Subsequent in line is “I will be able to do the paintings lately itself”. As of late way by means of finish of the day. So we needn’t upload itself to it

Very similar to the above is “I got here again lately best”.. Once more, when you’ve got come lately , then it way you’re already right here, so needn’t once more put an additional best to it.

“Bottom ”

Now comes essentially the most fun word used “My home is on the bottom of the park”. Ahh!! Bottom!! Smartly, everyone knows what it refers to!! As an alternative of pronouncing the bottom front, we will merely say “the rear of the park or the again of the park or front”.

“Out of Station”

We Indians love touring. And it’s a not unusual word to mention “out of station”. Once more, in previous occasions when railway was once the most well liked mode of delivery, this word may have nonetheless made sense because it referred to shifting out of the railway station. However now not is that this word apt for lately’s technology. We will exchange this word by means of merely pronouncing “I used to be out of the city”.

“Handed Out”

Subsequent in line is “handed out”. Once more a time period very often used. Now, which means an individual has turn out to be subconscious or fainted. We by no means ever use this word to invite “When did you move out from school?” It actually way “When did you faint in school?” The right kind option to as is “When did you entire your school schooling?” or “When did you move from school?”

“Giving Checks”

We’re all scared of giving checks, isn’t it? There we move!!! Once more an Indian word often utilized by all “Are you giving your board checks?” That’s totally wrong. The right method of pronouncing that is “Are you taking you board checks?”

“Actual Brother / Sister”

As Indians, we adore to speak ceaselessly about our circle of relatives. After which comes every other Indian word extensively utilized by maximum of us; “My actual brother/sister”. Come on!! Do we’ve got a faux brother or sister too? No!!! So merely say “siblings”. Some other error which we make whilst speaking about our circle of relatives is “cousin brother/sister”. Cousin is a cousin; you wish to have no longer upload a brother or sister to it.


Let’s discuss Hinglish now!! Including a “Na” on the finish of sentence. “You might be coming for the film, na?” Come to assume of it!! You might be actually asking that particular person not to come!! Simply ask “Are you coming for the film?” Let that particular person say a ‘haan’ or a ‘na’!!

“Himself /  Herself”

Some other language fallacy is the use of “herself”, inappropriately. e.g. “She herself best finished the paintings”. Because of this that she did the paintings on her personal. A greater and of direction the right kind method of pronouncing that is “She did the paintings all by means of herself or she did the paintings on her personal.”


Again is again once more!! This time wrongly used in a distinct thought. Ever heard other folks pronouncing ­­“Two years again I used to be in China?” Smartly! Smartly! Smartly! No again right here please!!! Utilization of a small phrase right here, will alternate the best way you communicate. Please exchange “again” with “in the past”. Therefore, it’s “Two years in the past, I used to be in China.”

“Overusing Provide Steady Annoying ”

Final, however no longer the least is the over utilization of the “Provide Steady Annoying”. Phrases like having, liking, and so on. How does this sentence sound – He’s is loving the ones footwear? Fallacious! Fallacious! Fallacious! It must be “He loves the ones footwear”. Some other not unusual one is “Are you having your computer with you?” Didn’t know we will consume laptops too!!! “Having is eating”. Due to this fact, we can’t use having until we’re relating to an eatable merchandise. As an alternative please say” Do you’ve got your computer with you?” “Have” signifies ownership.

Hope, the above implausible fifteen shall be a watch opener and we prevent the use of those words to make our English sound extra subtle.

Getting my level!! Ohhh!!! I imply, were given my level?


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